Personal Injuries Litigation

Conflict can be a part of everyday life and unfortunately whether in business or personal affairs, this can lead to the need for litigation. Litigation can be a very important tool in protecting a person’s or business’ brand, reputation, and assets. There are also alternative dispute resolution mechanisms available such as mediation and arbitration. Sometimes however there is simply no other option but to act for the protection of you, your family, or your business.

At Dixon Quinlan Solicitors LLP we understand the elements of every matter we act in. Every case we take we focus on results and importantly the desired result for our clients. This requires full communication with our clients. We always have a clear view of the objectives and explain these to our clients. We deliver a collaborative approach in forming a successful legal strategy.

Through our experience in litigation and client focus legal services we always review the matter and advise on the best and appropriate dispute resolution processes for any problem. We pursue and defend all cases to the full extent. We weigh our advice always against the costs of litigation. We make sure only the best advised, and costs effective options are taken with all the circumstances in mind whether that be mediation, arbitration of the issuing of Court proceedings

We have experience in the following areas;

  • Litigation, mediation, and arbitration
  • Commercial disputes
  • Liquidation and Receivership disputes
  • Injuries Board applications and Personal injury litigation
  • Contract law matters and specific performance
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Property litigation
  • Disputes involving Building contracts and commercial arbitration
  • State/ Government Body Regulation and enforcement
  • Defamation, damage to business reputation
  • Litigation involving wills and estates and probate litigation
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